100% eco-friendly, fireproof and durable

Why choose a reed roof?

  • Reed roofs are 100% eco-friendly
  • Very good thermal insulation properties
  • Very good sound proofing properties
  • 1 m2 weighs 30 to 35 kg
  • Thickness of the reed roof is 30 cm.
  • Water in reed roofs does not absorb further than 2 – 3 cm.
  • Suitable for every landscape.
  • If you follow all the rules, it is fireproof.
  • You can make roofs of different structures, however, the slope cannot exceed 30 degrees.
  • A correctly made roof can last up to a whole century.
  • Reed roofs are one of the oldest roof coverings known to man. Our ancestors believed that a reed roof is alive and has character.
  • Best reeds are aquired at lakes close to the sea. Such reeds are thinner and harder, thus they improve the quality of the roof. These reeds are more resistant to weather changes (rain, frost, snow, wind).
  • Reeds are aquired in the winter when the lakes are covered in ice. When frost occurs, reed leaves fall and they are ready to gather.

Order your roof from us!

  • We have more than 15 years experience.
  • Our roofs are popular in Latvia and Scandinavia – Sweden, Norway, Denmark.
  • We guarantee the highest quality.

Our clients

  • SIA “Rīgas logi”
  • SIA “Dole Marina”
  • Nordisk Naturhem
  • Recreational complex “Lācītes”
  • private customers  in Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.